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We can assist you with your crypto goals whether you have no idea what crypto is, or have been in the space before the hard forks began.


Our Services

Coin Acquisition

If you need help obtaining crypto we can show you the most cost-effective way to do that.

Currency Mining

Due to the large investment for traditional mining, we focus on Helium miners at this time. Get one for free and earn HNT rewards.

What am I doing here?

New to Crypto? So were we at one time. We remember how it felt to be concerned / afraid of this space. There is no need. We can help.


Determine which exchanges, Centralized or DeCentralized fit your financial goals

NFTs and other Spaces

Lots of things to do with Crypto besides buy and hold. NFTs are one of the most exciting areas. We can also assist you with earning money through the crypto gaming space.

Storing Your Coins

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About The Crypto Coach

Strategic Crypto Consultants Since 2017

Amazing to see how far in just a few short years this technology has literally changed the face of finance for the entire plant. And soon it will be utilized on other components of the galaxy.

Boat Market
Mark Profile.png

Joe Thailand

Joe is our most entertaining educator. Joe is a free spirit and that's why he's called Joe Thailand. Joe grew up in New York but his soul knows no border. Learn about living your best life traveling to different parts of the world. Joe knows how to navigate the various agencies required to stay for more than a couple of weeks somewhere. Pearls of wisdom are his trade. And he loves diving for them all around the world.

Mark Owen

Lead Coach and crypto evangelist Mark Owen worked in technology for 30 years. That passion switched a few years ago when he found cryto. Mark has been educating people about crypto for the last two years both online and at in-person seminars. With a style that is both fun and thorough, his international students will tell you he has the knowledge to inform and the patience to deliver an extraordinary teaching experience.

Denique Graves

Former WNBA Star Denique Graves has been an educator and coach of girl's basketball for the past 20 years. Her passion for NFTs and crypto in general is infectious. Go hard in the paint with her during her beginner and intermediate classes. Whether you want to know the best one on a budget, are looking for the next big thing or want to make your own, Denique has the knowledge and skill to navigate the crazy world of NFTs


"Thank you so much for your help honestly a God send"




Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general.

How do I buy cryptocurrency in my country?

Different countries allow different centralized exchanges to operate within their borders. We focus on Western countries such as the USA, Canada and Western Europe. We also only work with fully funded exchanges. If your country does not allow an exchange you need to use to buy a certain cryptocurrency, we can maybe assist with other options such as direct purchases using wallets or decentralized exchanges.

Do I have to pay taxes on any profits I make from Bitcoin?

We are not tax advisors or financial advisors. We can recommend them for the different countries we support. Nothing on this site should be misunderstood to be financial advice. However, we can relate our personal experiences with such issues. And from that, you can do your research to see what works best for your financial situation.

Is it possible to create my own cryptocurrency?

It certainly is. All you need is money of some kind to pay programmers to take an existing cryptocurrency's code and transform (fork) it into what your vision is.



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